Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Burberry Charming Check started from royalty

Which brand can best stand for the United Kingdom? There is no doubt—Burberry. Established in 1856, Burberry is the royal warrant of United Kingdom.
British have a strange habit. Living in such a country, even it drizzles with cold wind, British prefer wearing a wind coat to taking an umbrella. It is not a quirk for British, because their wind coats can prevent them in being wet. Referring to wind coat, the first thought coming to our head is Burberry. For that reason, during the world war one, Burberry was specified to be the advanced Army wear of Britain. Thomas Burberry, the host of Burberry, educated by British way, had a sense of British quality. So Burberry brought the British traditional designing idea onto a higher level. Because of the charm of breathing, water and wind assistant, from 19th century to 20th century, Burberry products ranged top in outdoor field. In 1914, during world war, the British officers all wore the water and wind assistant clothing produced by Burberry. Except for the practical factor, the design of Burberry also started a fashion storm to some extent. Unique shoulder loop, belt, sleeve, button and pocket made the clothes the best balance of war style and fashion style.

When seeing the Burberry check, those who are familiar with Burberry will be exciting because of the incredible charming check. This kind of check pattern accompanied with strong Scottish style was registered as a brand label in 1924, and from that moment on, check of red, camel color, black, white had the same meaning as Burberry. A fashion Burberry handbag with the three color check is surely the dreaming gift of beautiful girls who have passion for fashion. Now, the coming of color blue expands the deep meaning of check pattern. In the age of reminiscence and innovation, Burberry‘s check style successfully make progress from fashion apparel field to fashion accessories, with a history more than one hundred years. Burberry is such a brand as can make people think romantically. People like it not because it’s history of more than one hundred year and classical check pattern, but because what Rose Marie Bravo, the recent CEO of Burberry, said—Advanced clothing return to elegant fashion, and young generation can find the tradition back from Burberry.
The British style of Burberry can absolutely meet your charm for check pattern. Check for Britain is like flag for Italy. The classical check pattern is the symbol of family position. The unique check pattern consisting of camel color, black, red and white, naturally shows a mature and rational charm, non-demonstrative and non-charming and reflects the national culture. Classical Burberry, have turned to be new Burberry with current feeling, but still remaining a sense of elegance.

In 2004, Burberry released the new section perfume—“Burberry Brit”, which was stamped the popular check lines with the newest rectangular bottle shape. Simple design expressed the Burberry style and lasted its 100-year history. As the British spirit expressed by Brit, the smell of “Burberry Brit” is innocent as a young girl.
In order to thank and praise the contribution of Burberry’s investigation in New York, and American market, 28th May was claimed to be Burberry day.

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